know food Ornamental Fish

Today's topic for food Ornamental Fish
A freshwater fish
Freshwater fish could eat different types

Food is not limited to one type and only wounded the digestive tract of a fish disease multiple .

There metabolic types of food diluted
It is considered one of the best types of nutrition for fish
Because it contains many elements of minerals and vitamins
It can also promised to buy types of food, dried
And Khalthm all due to become full-fledged interest

The important information must be introduced
- The farthest Fish food for children up to Aigoumoua put food several times a day
That poisons the water and catch fish Baltkhmh and die as more fish eat non-stop

And die because of abdominal fullness . And excess food may be deposited on the bottom and disturb the serenity of the water quickly.

Some fish need for food twice a day and once a day and each other every three days

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