A group of pass fox facts

A group of pass fox facts:

 Fox can walk for 48 kilometers per hour,

 And it offers him the tail balance 

when doing sudden movements.

. There are about 48-77 genus of red fox,

  It depends on the fur color and size of a fox.

 Foxes have an allergy to rabies.

 Foxes can consume food that covered human

 Like cranberries, apples, pears, 

grapes, where needed

About 5,000 grams of 

daily nutrients and travels

 Fox is about 12 kilometers 

at night to search for food.

 The red fox sleeping 6-10 hours

 During the day and looking for food at night.

 Fox owns many of the sounds, 

which is still under

Study researchers, it issued 

these voices reasons

 Some of them different 

voices serve as a greeting.

. It includes diet Fox rabbits,

 Insects, squirrels, eggs, chicken, grass.

. Fox called home, Poker.

. Foxes do not chew the food but you cut

 Food before eating the brim directly.

 Fox has the ability to tighten 

its claws just as cats do.

. In order to be a fox mobility,

 through the capillaries

 Which are found on the face and legs.

 Fox uses a type of howl and

 scream as an invitation

For mating and usually have a

 sharp and high-pitched screams.

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