Tips for those who want to buy and ornamental fish breeding

Our topic today on how to buyOrnamental fish and these important tips

Choose species that one wishes bred in the aquarium

Subject primarily to personal taste

We must not be wanting their own reason to choose

Species, there are many reasons to prevent random selection

It must consider the following factors

The size of the fish species and

 harmony with each

With the other types of fish, and the requirements of the type

For the size of the aquarium temperature food

There are wild types and types like isolation

And the types of plants you love and love types of cavities

Stones, so the choice should be

Thoughtful so as not to fail in fish farming

And that you're inexperienced, you should ask the seller before you buy

For each type and whether living with other species or ask the owners of the experience of colleagues from

Predecessors in fish breeding and when resting on the group that will choose careful when

Purchase until you get the fish healthy disease-free

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Basic requirements for breeding ornamental pool and Annaahibha

Basic requirements for breeding

ornamental  and take care of it

Breeding does not differ from the rest of bath ornamental types of bathroom where Almsknwalngveh and health care, but should anyone wish to take care of bathroom decorations for any reason to meet certain conditions, and should not lose sight of the fact that we are dealing Mekaúnat live you need to take care of.

It is important to be Almsknajafa and well ventilated but not drafty either warm or cold, and the provision of proper lighting and easy access to every part of it.

Tkonalttaghizac should facilitate internal vehicle is cleaned, the establishment of a separate dwelling last Tioralsgarh To accommodate the female after mating and the separation of the sexes.

Preferably available Grfahtkhozan reservation where the feed bins and cleaning equipment and individual cages and all belongings.

When planning construction area should be slightly larger than what you need Fleaozlk for expansion in the future. For example, if we have 10 pairs of size of the bathroom area of ​​the allocation Adjb 13:00 2 and a height of no more than 2.20 m. Each pair.

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How to take care of Etakit

Anyone who wants to project a well-bred chicks to become Chicken

You Bmraat following

1 - Cleaning brush and dry and change too much from them.
2 - Joe amber purity and the absence of any gas odor, especially Laurel ammonia resulting from the decomposition of glaucoma. In such a case must be ventilated place to the extent appropriate to the expulsion of gases and purification Joe amber and prevention of disease.
3 - water availability and cleanliness of canals.
4 - provide fodder and 
5 - adjust the temperature, which we know it is possible that the condition of the 

chicks themselves

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General conditions that must be met in shelters rabbits:

Raising rabbits for anyone who wants to take advantage of them
He must first search for the privileged place for breeding

General conditions that must be met in shelters rabbits:

1 - protect rabbits from rain water and air currents in the cold winter and direct sunlight in the summer.
2 - Provide good ventilation and easy to get rid of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and ammonia, as well as to get rid of excess moisture.
3 - Provide appropriate lighting for rabbits summer and winter.
4 - Protection of rabbits from their natural enemies like mice, cats, dogs, foxes and the wedding.
5 - protect rabbits from theft.

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