Disease and treatment of cats eyes

Of the most prevalent morbidity of a disease that infected cats eyes
First must know that this is a disease
Is the most common disease among cats due to a virus called feelin Herbs
For this disease are several ways to know which symptoms of infection
Redness in the eye secretions plus )

And must be treated with an antibiotic or drop described by the veterinarian.

There are reasons for this disease of the most important causes
Is infecting cats
Ulceration and inflammation of the cornea and this inflammation leads to inflammation of the white around the eye

The death of the tissues around the eye or Alkhlaah injured as a result of what

- Adhesion Paljven eye .

Dry Eye
For this disease there are several symptoms associated with him

And symptoms of :

1 - Frequent vomiting

2 - high temperature

3 - The presence of certain bacteria on the whites of the eyes

4 - do not become indifferent to the actions of a cat and become lazy
5 - dehydration and diarrhea .
Treatment ::
Shi first preferred scanning the eye with cotton and warm water only without anything else after wiping the eye

Of course then claimed the notes opens the eye after what opens Put Minim 

described by veterinarian

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