Definition of dog Australian

Talk today about an important
kind of dogs, a dog Australian 

This dog does not like other dogs is another kind entirely different from them 

Australian Dingo Dog 

Mammal of the Canidae family Alkalpaat rank and meat eaters Carnivora 

Inhabited by semi-desert environments in Australia, which may have been connected with the indigenous population
when Jaúha the first time. 

Characterized as big in size and turquoise, yellow, which seems consistent bit and sometimes hitter to red or beige coat spiky and pile Short The tail comes at a relatively curved from the tip length of the head and body about 110 cm The tail amounts to a length of 40 cm and weighs about 35 kg. 

It is isolated or live within pairs and sometimes constitute large groups, especially when chasing a large animal Kalkengaaro as it requires effort and strength and the rabbit is considered a staple food and has come marsupials second place after the rabbit. 

Give birth to a female partner from 5 to 7 due in early spring and usually lasts gestation period of two months which give birth once a year only, and the parents under the auspices of puppies to become capable of independence, this animal is threatened with extinction in many areas of the presence of origin because of the chase rights to him.

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