Zebra Dove

Turtledoves has factions and many of types and different forms 

It will be our topic for today Zebra Dove 

A bird of the family Columbidae Aljayyash_24 Alhamamyat 

The rank of the bathroom 

Consisted of living in the countryside, orchards and lands near water sources in areas stretching from the Malay through Indonesia to Australia. 

It is a pet bird with a length of 23 cm, red and gray on the neck of the sons of the upper, while Janebah they both have black and white stripes of color, his eyes Rmadian Vathan, also gray beak, and legs Mahmrtan structures involved, 
and the female slightly smaller than the male.

إقرأ المزيد

It is the gecko

I will explain to you some sort of creeping animals may not have a great eye 

Sufficient information about this reptile to the piece I will explain to you who is 


Gecko gecko 

Animal creepy inoffensive family Gekkonidae 

Which includes more than 750 species of lizards are found in every part of the world. It is a short body and a large head and legs with a weak finger flat and this gecko adapted to live in different environments from desert to forest and some species are familiar with the environment inhabited human beings. And feed mainly on insects and is fitted with a finger to enable them to climb vertical surfaces are smooth and walk upside down on ceilings and some claws are an extension and a hood over her eyes and Albabo vertical seems Calfs especially when the eyes are closed while its tail 

Long and decorated with inscriptions sometimes is used as a store of food reserves used in inappropriate circumstances. 

In the breeding season the female lays eggs and 

is known as the Gecko.

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African Grey Parrot

Anyone who loves breeding parrot I'm going to explain some sort of beautiful types of parrots

This type of so-called wonderful
 African Grey Parrot

Familiar to live in the forests and rainy places in West and Central Africa.

A length of 22 cm, and is characterized by gray feathers, tail and red, white and gray face Nude, black beak, legs , the female
 smaller than the male.

When it's breeding season, the female lays 2 to 4 eggs, a Buddha for 29 days, where the male feeding the female in this period, and after 11 weeks of able young leave the nest, but the parents Alemanha for another four months

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Definition of dog Australian

Talk today about an important
kind of dogs, a dog Australian 

This dog does not like other dogs is another kind entirely different from them 

Australian Dingo Dog 

Mammal of the Canidae family Alkalpaat rank and meat eaters Carnivora 

Inhabited by semi-desert environments in Australia, which may have been connected with the indigenous population
when Jaúha the first time. 

Characterized as big in size and turquoise, yellow, which seems consistent bit and sometimes hitter to red or beige coat spiky and pile Short The tail comes at a relatively curved from the tip length of the head and body about 110 cm The tail amounts to a length of 40 cm and weighs about 35 kg. 

It is isolated or live within pairs and sometimes constitute large groups, especially when chasing a large animal Kalkengaaro as it requires effort and strength and the rabbit is considered a staple food and has come marsupials second place after the rabbit. 

Give birth to a female partner from 5 to 7 due in early spring and usually lasts gestation period of two months which give birth once a year only, and the parents under the auspices of puppies to become capable of independence, this animal is threatened with extinction in many areas of the presence of origin because of the chase rights to him.

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Way of calling your cat

Who has a cat that wants to know the

 way to its appeals 

Even listen to you and come here

 and I will explain several ways 

How to Mnadat cat 

Its appeals usual manner (Albesbsh) and when 

you come Mention her name and give her some 

compassion and FMA also explained in the 

previous point. 

2. its appeals for time off their food (Albesbsh) 

with mention her name, too. 

3 repeat her name at the time granted by the 

and tenderness and will adapt to it with time. 

4 at bedtime Ajelbha into bed with you and 

make them stretch with you, and give and 

tenderness with your hands warm and repeat 

her name and then audiences. 

Example: Here Simo Simo Aichpk today 

Hanan Samson and Aspti Lamy huh ..? 

Knowing I 

I love you ... I love you passed Jienh? Good 

night Come with me ... and then, and a 

The most crucial but little and

repeat her name. 

! May be a funny way but very useful too! 

5. say it (Come) with its name and its appeals 

for previous methods and will adapt to

The word (Come) and come to you when you 

hear it speeding the word cats adapt to

Things with repetition but do not understand 

the meaning of words (fitter than me have 

adapted it 

My cats).

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Ways Dalaa cats

To anyone who has a cat and wants to take 

care of them and Delilah

I present to you a series of movements that 

demonstrate their cat

1 touching and rubbing of the jaw under.

2 touching the top of the head and touching 

and rubbing lightly.

3 Massage work to the highest neck.

4 Massage work lists hind legs and rub lightly.

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Heron gray heron

Heron gray heron

There is a bird known when waterways and fast-flowing rivers and canals.

Purple heron weaves its nest on the trees and called on the nest in the shelter heron colonies.
Heron is one of 60 species of wading birds such as, egret and bittern. The heron bird and a nice, long-beaked tapered seems like a completely extends to the inside of his eyes. It has a small head, neck and legs skinny stick-like legs, such as cranes and storks. There is a kind of heron, has long known, and the feathers on his neck, and body. And egrets live on all continents except Antarctica.

Habits. When the heron fly, makes long legs straight behind him, and bowed his head between his wings. The cranes, and storks, and ibis, they fly and their necks extended. Adopt birds heron nests harboring them but hunt their food separately. The places are called shelter heron nests. The nest consists of sticks bulk and bundles of sticks, and built in the tops of trees or shrubs. The female lays between three and six eggs. Nor is estimated heron chick on the motion for several weeks after hatching, but it conveys the food to the parents of these chicks can fly even small.

Fighting a heron in the water searching for food along the shores of streams, strides, in silence and in private. The jumper stands sometimes for a long time with his head between his shoulders. It seems like a fast asleep, but in fact eagerly awaits its prey of fish, frogs, crayfish, and other small animals that Ilthmha. If it saw its prey caught beak that looks like a spear. Include the known species of these birds: heron gray heron in the ancient world, and the blue heron in the New World. The purple heron species characteristic of southern Europe and Asia. The white-faced heron, is the most common species of Australian.

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Freshwater fish Fish Alolod

Summary important to you and to fish Alolod
Some of the fish and fertile fish breeding is most prevalent among amateurs,
And all those fish bold and very attractive colors and thickness is
Good for beginners, it's also the fish of choice for the amateur.
A lot of domesticated species are readily available, and the wild species They are somewhat rare, and are available only through the amateur associations fish being sensitive and rare.
For this feature fish disperse about the thickness of the egg where the smolt j
Enabled to hide and run away immediately away from predatory fish Since the first moment of birth, as these young people consider the entire thickness of evolution immediately after birth.
Fish and fertile generally not aggressive, a thickness of Social Well with fish similar to him in size, but there are It is an exception thickness Halfbeak Halfbeak a predator species.
More types prefer to be in groups of 5 or more
, The male domination of the group and always be with colors Unlike female. At the docks, if the breeder wants
In more than one male and one female, you must add several additional per Avoid mention of male aggression on each other.

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Tips for those who want to buy and ornamental fish breeding

Our topic today on how to buyOrnamental fish and these important tips

Choose species that one wishes bred in the aquarium

Subject primarily to personal taste

We must not be wanting their own reason to choose

Species, there are many reasons to prevent random selection

It must consider the following factors

The size of the fish species and

 harmony with each

With the other types of fish, and the requirements of the type

For the size of the aquarium temperature food

There are wild types and types like isolation

And the types of plants you love and love types of cavities

Stones, so the choice should be

Thoughtful so as not to fail in fish farming

And that you're inexperienced, you should ask the seller before you buy

For each type and whether living with other species or ask the owners of the experience of colleagues from

Predecessors in fish breeding and when resting on the group that will choose careful when

Purchase until you get the fish healthy disease-free

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Basic requirements for breeding ornamental pool and Annaahibha

Basic requirements for breeding

ornamental  and take care of it

Breeding does not differ from the rest of bath ornamental types of bathroom where Almsknwalngveh and health care, but should anyone wish to take care of bathroom decorations for any reason to meet certain conditions, and should not lose sight of the fact that we are dealing Mekaúnat live you need to take care of.

It is important to be Almsknajafa and well ventilated but not drafty either warm or cold, and the provision of proper lighting and easy access to every part of it.

Tkonalttaghizac should facilitate internal vehicle is cleaned, the establishment of a separate dwelling last Tioralsgarh To accommodate the female after mating and the separation of the sexes.

Preferably available Grfahtkhozan reservation where the feed bins and cleaning equipment and individual cages and all belongings.

When planning construction area should be slightly larger than what you need Fleaozlk for expansion in the future. For example, if we have 10 pairs of size of the bathroom area of ​​the allocation Adjb 13:00 2 and a height of no more than 2.20 m. Each pair.

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How to take care of Etakit

Anyone who wants to project a well-bred chicks to become Chicken

You Bmraat following

1 - Cleaning brush and dry and change too much from them.
2 - Joe amber purity and the absence of any gas odor, especially Laurel ammonia resulting from the decomposition of glaucoma. In such a case must be ventilated place to the extent appropriate to the expulsion of gases and purification Joe amber and prevention of disease.
3 - water availability and cleanliness of canals.
4 - provide fodder and 
5 - adjust the temperature, which we know it is possible that the condition of the 

chicks themselves

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General conditions that must be met in shelters rabbits:

Raising rabbits for anyone who wants to take advantage of them
He must first search for the privileged place for breeding

General conditions that must be met in shelters rabbits:

1 - protect rabbits from rain water and air currents in the cold winter and direct sunlight in the summer.
2 - Provide good ventilation and easy to get rid of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and ammonia, as well as to get rid of excess moisture.
3 - Provide appropriate lighting for rabbits summer and winter.
4 - Protection of rabbits from their natural enemies like mice, cats, dogs, foxes and the wedding.
5 - protect rabbits from theft.

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Learn Turkish bath

I will give you some information about the type of the Turkish bath

Beak long often and his eyes ranging colors Benalabad , black, yellow , and is characterized by Balsrolh ( feathers in his feet ), and its features are also Godkhtin in the wings , but for the colors of context to Ptaddha mismatch : blue or Harami , red , and Altahina ( light brown ), yellow ( lemon ) Two-Line Without two , white , black, light gray ( milky ) and Alambriqa , featuring some types Balndjemhwalgrh , and usually the preferred Turkish flap complex and non- complex and his native England to the Turkish Knytaleg it provided an enormous amount in Turkey .
Finally classified Syrian Dmanalnoa Turkish 

and has almost the same features .


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Feeding pigeons:

Lovers all to the bathroom and I will give you his upbringing 

Method of feeding pigeons 

Feeding pigeons: 

Bathroom needs attention in terms of food, it needs to be diversity in food, and food bathroom known as wheat, sorghum and millet as well as lentils, are on the market a mixture of grain, a favorite feeding pigeons instead of buying each item separately, either for drinking prefers put water in (Watering) sold in bird shops, and Imknkiauad the bathroom to eat other things that you like it like cooked rice or 
bread dry ground in the form of granules.

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Important guidance for ornamental fish breeding

I will ask and Avi and important guidance for 

those who want fish farming in the house and 

called the Ornamental Fish


1 - Start with a small number of fish in the aquarium and some types cheap even in the basin consists of beneficial bacteria that get rid of the fish waste and turn it into a non-toxic materials and is usually made ​​up of these bacteria after almost a month
2 - When you buy a fish to be active and buy fish that are all full fins and bright Alunha These signs of health
3 - fish placed the bag that comes in the tub for 15 minutes so take the temperature of the tub and then gradually Download Now in the tub , preferably without the water that was in it
4 - feed the fish once or twice a day, the amount of fish terminates after only 5 minutes and not more than this amount even for food in the water Aatafn
5 - are changing the aquarium water completely every 6 months with the change of one-third of the basin water a month
6 - If you're traveling for a period of not more than a week of fish can be left without food, without any damage , and if the increase is put a certain type of food is called food travel exists fish shops

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bird Zebra Finch

Will be the newly announced today a beautiful bird called a bird 

Zebra Finch 

Bird zebra is one of the beautiful birds 

Small size but many of movement and very active 

It is a bird of the large unstructured movement 

Likes to live in groups 

The average number of eggs 

3-6 eggs 

Average Age 

5-8 years 

The average price of walnuts 

60 pounds 

Season Altazwag 

Throughout the year 

Best age for mating 

6 months 

Original Country 

Native to Australia 

But it is very common in the United States of America 

After hatching are 

Day 14-17 

Are weaned at the age of 

Day 17-20


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List of names Some pet birds wonderful

Each bird lovers this list of names 

Some pet birds wonderful 










Sun Kenyor 







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(Avoid zinc poisoning of birds using stainless steel wire connection)

Heavy metal poisoning can lead to serious health issues, and even death, so a responsible bird owner should be sure to eliminate sources of potential toxicity, including toys, feeding bowls, and aviaries, coops, or cages.

Most importantly, make sure not to use a galvanized wire product for your birds' cages or enclosures; instead, buy stainless steel wire mesh for the construction of your aviary, or purchase cages or enclosures made from stainless steel.

There are a number of common household items which can present toxicity hazards, such as coins and containers, staples, galvanized nails and other hardware, certain paints and fertilizers, and galvanized wire mesh used for aviaries and cages.

The best way to ensure that your cage or enclosure does not present a toxicity risk is to buy stainless steel wire mesh, instead of a galvanized product.

If you are concerned that your bird, or birds, has been exposed to zinc, or another heavy metal, like lead or copper, check for symptoms.

Heavy metal poisoning is one of the leading causes of toxicity in birds, and can cause 

;serious health issues.nbsp


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About fish

We'll talk in general about the fish

These emergency orders establish parallel fishing seasons (termed “parallel fisheries”) allowing vessels to fish for groundfish (primarily Pacific cod, walleye pollock, and Atka mackerel) in state waters with the same seasons as the federal fisheries.

of Alaska and Bering Sea Marine Fisheries Service , whereas the State of Alaska manages groundfish fishery resources within state territorial waters.

State-managed fisheries for sablefish and Pacific cod occur within 3 nm of shore, and the state has full management authority extending throughout the EEZ for species (e.g., lingcod and black and blue rockfish) not covered by a federal FMP.

Most groundfish fisheries off the Alaskan coast are managed by the National Marine Fisheries Service under federal Fishery Management Plans adopted by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council 

Among Alaska’s marine fisheries the groundfish fisheries target the greatest diversity of species, including pollock, Pacific cod, sablefish, Atka mackerel, lingcod and numerous rockfish and flatfish species.

In the central GOA, state-managed fisheries in state waters consist of pollock in Prince William Sound and Pacific cod, sablefish, and all rockfish species in state waters of Prince William Sound and Cook Inlet.

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Cats corrosive meat

Although cats are able to digest some plant products, their physiology is best supported by the nutrients found in animal tissue.

Cats are unable to make several of these fatty acids (e.g., arachidonic acid, linoleic acid) but they are found in high concentrations in meat, fish, and certain plants.

Cats also require higher levels of the several vitamins (e.g., vitamin A, D, E, and B), some of which are only found in animal tissue.

Cats are unable to make sufficient quantities of several amino acids (called “essential” amino acids), so they must be consumed on a regular basis.

Cats utilize protein for energy, and therefore require relatively large amounts in their diet.

Cats also lack a functional cecum, the site where intestinal bacteria digest plant fiber.

Cats don’t have several of the digestive enzymes necessary for breaking down carbohydrates, so they are unable to utilize simple sugars.

Jennifer also writes short stories that focus on the strength and importance of the human-animal bond and freelance articles relating to a variety of animal care and veterinary topics.

Consuming inadequate amounts of one amino acid, called arginine, can lead to the build-up of toxic levels of ammonia, causing vomiting, muscle spasms, seizures, coma, and death.


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Feeding dogs sound

I will give you some information and important tips for dogs Ngdah

. Feeding a high quality diet is one of the most important things you, as a dog owner, can do to keep your dog healthy and active.

What constitutes a high quality dog ​​food and how can you tell if your dog is receiving the nutrition he needs to thrive?

A high quality diet is one that is complete and balanced, containing all of the nutrients necessary to support your dog's body functions.

Fatty acids, a specific type of fat, play an important role in regulating the body's inflammatory response and are particularly important for your dog's health - particularly for the skin and a coat.

Though there is not a minimum required carbohydrate requirement for dogs, carbohydrates present in food can provide a valuable source of fiber and energy, sparing the protein in the diet for more important body functions.

Many diets provide some water content for your dog, but access to a clean, fresh water supply is important.

Each ingredient in your dog's diet brings a unique set of nutrients to the diet and,

added together, all of the ingredients provide a 

complete and balanced nutrient profile.


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Chartreux cats

Besides devoting their time to prayers, these fascinating monks made inroads into other not-so-holy

 activities like liqueur-making, weapon-forging, and breeding cats.

Though the monastery was founded in 1084 by Saint Bruno, the cats

 staged their appearance only in the 13th century.

Among the wealth they brought home were blue cats that they had found on the coast of Africa.

These cats were trained to have quiet voices so as not to rudely interrupt meditation.

The Histoire Naturelle, written in the 1700s by biologist Comte de Buffon, talks about four cat breeds that were common to Europe at that time: domestic, Angora, Spanish, and Chartreux.

In the 1920s, a colony of cats was discovered by two sisters by the name of Leger on the tiny Brittany Island Belle-Ile, off the coast of France.

The Leger sisters, who were also cat lovers, worked on this breed and in 1931 exhibited the first Chartreux in France.

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Photos Siamese cats

I will give you a distinct group for lovers of 

Siamese cats 

A selection of images

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The best types of ornamental fish and information about the

Lovers of breeding ornamental fish I'm going to put the best types of ornamental fish

With a summary of the type and method of dealing with it

Sabde first kind of ornamental fish a ( gold fish )


They are of the most

 beautiful types of fish that live with fresh water

They eat everything and very peaceful with all kinds of farmed fish

The second type of fish , a fish ( Vantil )


Is ranked third in terms of the ability afford in the midst of marital fish tails

Can not live in the basins the size of ten liters to be the best , but in the case of a water basin Forty liters or Aktar

Third kind with us today , a feature 

( Rancho )

This type coexist peacefully with other types of gold fish

El Rancho has been breeding in Japan

Fourth type of fish with us a fish

 ( Albombon )

Of rare species , very much in terms of type and format of this beefy that name

This type of fish is sensitive , so it is not recommended for beginners .

Lovers greetings with each fish farming
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Goldfinch and the most important information about

Goldfinch is one of the finest birds in terms of look and sound wonderful fresh
And is one of the most beautiful birds in the Maghreb and
Palestine and has become one of the most beautiful birds in the newly Egypt
There has several names
English Name : - European Goldfinch or Goldfinch

Latin name : - Carduelis Cardls

And the way live with

Live in groups or flocks of up to 40 individual and sometimes more in the winter grazing in the forest and
Grazing areas and gardens and parks

Can be cultured in cages as spouses or group in Slakh and in both cases the successful upbringing . But we must
Be relatively large cages to live where any pair Goldfinch freely as he prefers to emulate nature
Either in cages or Alslakat like putting twigs trees or small shrubs .

And the types of food that can be addressed by goldfinch

Feeds on seeds , especially thistle and hemp seeds and insects sometimes , especially in the mating season in the wild

And families

1 - thistle seeds

2 - Niger seeds

3 - Flaxseed

4 - radish seeds

5 - Hemp seeds

6 - rapeseed

7 - Oatmeal

8 - Filars

9 - the core of sunflower

10 - groats peanuts

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