The difference between male and female Canary Pictures

We all know the splendor and beauty of the Canary bird 

But many of us do not know the distinction between male and female Canary 

Sacherh you in this thread how to distinguish between Athy said Canary step by step 


Hobbyist can identify the male through the penis and the female of the distance between the blades through the pelvis 

As you can see in this picture

When caught the bird on his stomach bloating can Note genitals and has the distinction can and learn sex

And I'll show you this picture of the shape of the male genital Canary

It is natural that the female reproductive system is quite different from the Canary device Altnasly to mention 
It is this image will be seen Yemen difference between genital male and female 
This is a member of the female

Hence, can distinguish between male and female Canary

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