Learn Turkish bath

I will give you some information about the type of the Turkish bath

Beak long often and his eyes ranging colors Benalabad , black, yellow , and is characterized by Balsrolh ( feathers in his feet ), and its features are also Godkhtin in the wings , but for the colors of context to Ptaddha mismatch : blue or Harami , red , and Altahina ( light brown ), yellow ( lemon ) Two-Line Without two , white , black, light gray ( milky ) and Alambriqa , featuring some types Balndjemhwalgrh , and usually the preferred Turkish flap complex and non- complex and his native England to the Turkish Knytaleg it provided an enormous amount in Turkey .
Finally classified Syrian Dmanalnoa Turkish 

and has almost the same features .


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Feeding pigeons:

Lovers all to the bathroom and I will give you his upbringing 

Method of feeding pigeons 

Feeding pigeons: 

Bathroom needs attention in terms of food, it needs to be diversity in food, and food bathroom known as wheat, sorghum and millet as well as lentils, are on the market a mixture of grain, a favorite feeding pigeons instead of buying each item separately, either for drinking prefers put water in (Watering) sold in bird shops, and Imknkiauad the bathroom to eat other things that you like it like cooked rice or 
bread dry ground in the form of granules.

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Important guidance for ornamental fish breeding

I will ask and Avi and important guidance for 

those who want fish farming in the house and 

called the Ornamental Fish


1 - Start with a small number of fish in the aquarium and some types cheap even in the basin consists of beneficial bacteria that get rid of the fish waste and turn it into a non-toxic materials and is usually made ​​up of these bacteria after almost a month
2 - When you buy a fish to be active and buy fish that are all full fins and bright Alunha These signs of health
3 - fish placed the bag that comes in the tub for 15 minutes so take the temperature of the tub and then gradually Download Now in the tub , preferably without the water that was in it
4 - feed the fish once or twice a day, the amount of fish terminates after only 5 minutes and not more than this amount even for food in the water Aatafn
5 - are changing the aquarium water completely every 6 months with the change of one-third of the basin water a month
6 - If you're traveling for a period of not more than a week of fish can be left without food, without any damage , and if the increase is put a certain type of food is called food travel exists fish shops

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bird Zebra Finch

Will be the newly announced today a beautiful bird called a bird 

Zebra Finch 

Bird zebra is one of the beautiful birds 

Small size but many of movement and very active 

It is a bird of the large unstructured movement 

Likes to live in groups 

The average number of eggs 

3-6 eggs 

Average Age 

5-8 years 

The average price of walnuts 

60 pounds 

Season Altazwag 

Throughout the year 

Best age for mating 

6 months 

Original Country 

Native to Australia 

But it is very common in the United States of America 

After hatching are 

Day 14-17 

Are weaned at the age of 

Day 17-20


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