Ornamental Fish diseases and methods of treatment

We'll talk about diseases that can infect Ornamental Fish

First you must know what this disease is called

Is a change in Alslo natural organism ( Blowfish ) or a change in the external form or in the internal organs or gills result of various external vulnerability psychotropic and biological reactions in the organism .

Secondly and more importantly, the reasons for the occurrence of these diseases for fish

Contamination with pesticides or heavy metals or detergents .

And the presence of nitrogenous waste products resulting from the output of the fish .

. Increase or decrease the heat for the required rate .

2 . Increase or lack of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

3 . Increase or decrease the intensity of illumination .

All of these factors could lead to injury fish Baalomrad

But how do we know the patient entered the fish ponds

There are many factors appear to have learned the fish disease

For signs of the phenomenon and the most important :

1 . The presence of a change in the color of the water or the emission of an unusual odor .

2 . Occurrence of fast motion and neurological Fish inside the aquarium .

3 . Fish float to the surface trying inhalation of atmospheric air .

4 . The fish rub her body with plants or rocks in the pond .

5 . Fish is trying to jump out of the water out of the tub .

6 . Fish loss of appetite and lack of food approached .

7 . The fish do not try to escape if attacked by other fish


All of these factors confirm you fish pelvic disease and you should pay attention to such phenomena

Methods of treatment of diseases, and are:

1 . Formalin bath is used with fish infected with worms and parasitic diseases , which parasitize the skin and gills and uses formalin concentration of 37% at a rate of 0.4 ml / liter for one hour and repeat the bathroom once every 3 days for a week or 10 days .

2 . Bath salt is used in case of injury or parasitic fungi concentration of 1.3 g / L and the treatment can be repeated twice after 48-72 hours.

3 . Malachite green is used in case of injury or illness blobs of white fungi concentrations following :

1.5 g / L for 10 seconds , or 0.2 g / L for an hour 

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An impressive collection of bird pictures Albadji

An impressive collection of

bird pictures Albadji

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The difference between male and female Canary Pictures

We all know the splendor and beauty of the Canary bird 

But many of us do not know the distinction between male and female Canary 

Sacherh you in this thread how to distinguish between Athy said Canary step by step 


Hobbyist can identify the male through the penis and the female of the distance between the blades through the pelvis 

As you can see in this picture

When caught the bird on his stomach bloating can Note genitals and has the distinction can and learn sex

And I'll show you this picture of the shape of the male genital Canary

It is natural that the female reproductive system is quite different from the Canary device Altnasly to mention 
It is this image will be seen Yemen difference between genital male and female 
This is a member of the female

Hence, can distinguish between male and female Canary
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Alerts are important for breeding ornamental fish

I will put you in this important topic Tbhet 

For ornamental fish breeding and bred who adores 


- That you're a newbie and you want to fish farming is preferable to start with fish Alolad it easy for breeding and hatching. 


Transfer the fish: When cleaning the tub does not transfer the fish in a small bowl size, this happens strong currents and stir the fish cause mild dizziness and then his death, but we must move in a large bowl until you finish cleaning the tub. 


The size of the fish and harmony items with each other and with other types of fish, and the requirements of the kind for the size of the aquarium temperature of food and there is a kind of wild and kind of like the isolation and the types of love Allenbatah and types like cavities stones, so the choice should be so thoughtful to Atfhl in fish farming 


- Indirect sunlight is very important for the aquarium 


- When choosing a fish must choose the fish active and rapid and large brightly colored cry from the Fish inert and lazy and should not buy fish from the ponds water color by the non-Net (not pure) or water color (with medication) 
which shows that the fish sick.

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Dogs flu knowledge and methods of prevention and treatment

Today we talk about flu Nan dogs dogs also infected with the virus

And I will talk about its meaning and its symptoms and methods of prevention and treatment also

The first will let you know with this disease

Flu dogs ?

A respiratory disease of dogs , and attacks the virus causing the dogs only and does not infect humans .


Now, we talk about the symptoms of the disease and how to know Ncetkaa

What are the symptoms of the disease?

Symptoms begin coughs , runny nose , high temperature ,

And a small percentage of dogs can worsen their situation about it.

You can do screening for dogs

Examination available at veterinary diagnostic centers , and is done by taking a sample

From respiratory secretions , or by taking samples of blood ,

The first suspicion of injury when taken sick dog , and the second after two or three weeks

- How to deal with influenza dogs ?

Is described in a number of drugs , including antibiotics and a wide range

Prescribed by the veterinarian , especially if there is suspicion of a secondary bacterial 

infection ,

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Flu cats

With the multiplicity of the spread of diseases in winter
Cats may become ill flu

One of the main symptoms of the disease, which appears on cats

Batts then begin continuous Fathi clogged nose, causing difficulty in breathing

The cat is breathing from the mouth, causing infections in the mouth ..... beside tears and eye secretions ... sloth and sleep, and a tendency not to idle ...

To eat because of ulcers, which affect the mouth .. The swell lymph nodes under the chin ... may lose Alqthosenh

How long the flu:
The first type (FHV-1) lasts from 7-14 days
The second type (FCV) lasts from 7-10 days
How can I protect my cat from the flu:
No vaccine at Veterinary doctor of the two types of influenza

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Bird Fisher

We'll talk about love, love bird, a bird


This bird is a species of beautiful birds of the parrot

Characterized much appeal distinctive and brilliant colors

Love is a bird of the smallest parrots in the world as it is, and deservedly

Colors and high activity and vitality, as the lovebirds filled

Energy both when greeting the new day, or when they construct the nest,

Some of the new or novice breeders in breeding birds love fall victim to lack of experience

Or the victim of treachery, so some traders Aabieohm grain and Alvicher husband and this line

Or sell them for beginners birds sterile

resulting from a mating Alvicher and Rose

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When complaining of pain cats mouth

What is the positive solution when complaining of pain cats mouth

Or feel she can not chew food

In the case of a cat suffering from pain in the mouth, you immediately resort to soft foods easy to chew.

When the cat's inability to chew food

As a result of the excruciating pain of the gums, it is best

To take fluids after consulting veterinarian

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Eye diseases and treatment of dogs

Everyone knows that the problems of inflammation of the eye is impressive and a sign of the seriousness and danger of coming to the dog may be caused by a viral infection or chronic inflammation
May lead to cataracts and blindness

Red-eye is inflammation in or around the eye .

This is usually due to excess blood in the eyelids or in the blood vessels of the eyes .

The reasons that lead to these problems are:
1 - bacterial infection
2 - damage caused by exposure to sunlight
3 - inflammation of the skin
4 - fungal infection

One of the most common problems are cataracts .

Cataracts are white cloud in the lenses

Eye impede vision or cause complete blindness , and of course exemplary treatment is surgical removal .

Do you clean the place firsthand dog a week and change the sand and cleaned on a regular basis , as well as water as you

Thbllha securing a sponge with water and wash the eyes Duffy wipe daily Troish

Continuously in summer and once a week in winter and not to be neglected the health and well-being

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