Group wonderful clothes for dogs

For lovers of dogs will give you
Exquisite and distinct
Dogs of clothing that can be worn by the dog

It seems the more attractive it is with you anywhere Tssahbh
I hope to obtain a supply ÇÚĚÇČßă

Dogs clothing 

Pet Dog Clothes Apparels Coat Winter Warm Coral Velvet

Costume Puppy Hoodie Hood Dog  Sweater


 Dog Boutique is Doggie Couture Shop for dog fashion and accessories. Dog Clothes
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All kinds of dogs and their names and images

Will give you the names and types of all forms of speech and pictures
So you can distinguish between each and every other
And I hope to obtain a supply ÇÚĚÇČßă

Siberian Husky

انواع الكلاب واساميهم

 Shiloh Shepherd 

انواع الكلاب واساميهم

Afghan Hound 

انواع الكلاب واساميهم

Airedale Terrier

انواع الكلاب واساميهم

 انواع الكلاب واساميهم

 Cane Corso Mastiff

انواع الكلاب واساميهم

 Giant Schnauzer

 انواع الكلاب واساميهم


انواع الكلاب واساميهم 


انواع الكلاب واساميهم
Miniature Pinscher 
 انواع الكلاب واساميهم
Italian Greyhound

انواع الكلاب واساميهم 

 French Bulldog
 انواع الكلاب واساميهم
Great Dane

 انواع الكلاب واساميهم


انواع الكلاب واساميهم 

Boston Terrier
 انواع الكلاب واساميهم
انواع الكلاب واساميهم

 Bichon Frise
 انواع الكلاب واساميهم
 Belgian Tervuren 

انواع الكلاب واساميهم
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Restaurant offers food and wine for dogs

Today our topic very strange newspaper "Daily Mail" The Brandling Villa pub in Newcastle,

I decided to put a list of food and wine, especially dogs pets to enable their owners to enjoy a meal appetite

From the food to the side of the same wine time.

She added that the pub decided to sell non-alcoholic beer for dogs pets instead

Of them only provide water, made ​​from beer ingredients, but also contain extracts from the meat.

She said that drink beer saw a turnout and a wide range of dogs

For pets and sold him to the bar 48 bottle within two weeks,

Prompting them to ask for new quantities of it.

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Dog food appropriate for all stages of life

Today our topic for feeding dogs with all stages and ages

Provide one meal every day

, And varies depending on the amount of the meal Alawzanwalahjam ,

Each dog has a certain weight the right amount of food so as not to hurt

That any dog that weighs 30 kg and above daily take about 1,600 to 1900 grams ,

One-third of the roughly chopped meat .

Here is the proper diet for dogs by growth stages

It is a month until the age of two months, cut the dog

Alngveahibahalib stage to the stage of natural food

Because the needs of his body became not commensurate with the milk , but the food

, And from two to four months

Give him 4 meals a day . Two meals of milk with egg yolk .

And Ogbtan Alkhaddarwalham of rice and chopped ( amount 400-500 grams) .

It is the fourth month to the sixth month offers him a meal in the morning and again in the evening (quantity 900 grams) .

It is the sixth month the year to give him two meals and one in the morning and again in the evening

Quantity ( 1400 grams) , taking into account that the morning meal of fresh milk and egg yolks .

Of the year and above offers him one meal (quantity from 1400 to almost 2000 grams ) .
This diet can be changed according to individual needs and activity level

The strain and the business climate and assigned to the dog , and must take into account the provision of Almealnziv ,
It should consult your veterinarian in case of any disturbances Mauaho changes in the dog

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Great pictures of ornamental fish ponds

An impressive array

 of ornamental fish pond

  I hope you like it




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know food Ornamental Fish

Today's topic for food Ornamental Fish
A freshwater fish
Freshwater fish could eat different types

Food is not limited to one type and only wounded the digestive tract of a fish disease multiple .

There metabolic types of food diluted
It is considered one of the best types of nutrition for fish
Because it contains many elements of minerals and vitamins
It can also promised to buy types of food, dried
And Khalthm all due to become full-fledged interest

The important information must be introduced
- The farthest Fish food for children up to Aigoumoua put food several times a day
That poisons the water and catch fish Baltkhmh and die as more fish eat non-stop

And die because of abdominal fullness . And excess food may be deposited on the bottom and disturb the serenity of the water quickly.

Some fish need for food twice a day and once a day and each other every three days

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Human infection of the disease by dogs

There are many diseases that dogs
Among these diseases are tapeworms

But do these worms infect humans
Although the infection by not unusual,
You must swallow the human flea infected with tapeworms that infect
Most injuries are recorded in children, and most effective way to prevent human infection is severe and control

Comprehensive fleas, the probability of

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Lovers of these dogs are a variety of the most beautiful small dogs

Lovers of these dogs are a variety of the most beautiful small dogs

I hope you like it








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When diseases are transmitted from animals to humans

Thread today about diseases that can be
Transmitted from animals to humans and the severity of the injury by
Or minor injuries
The risk of disease transmission from cats to humans is considered healthy immune limited risk ,

This is because most diseases transmitted to him from the cats are considered diseases

Simple or can be treated easily preventable with the exception of a few

Of serious diseases such as rabies .

But people are weak immune
Proportion by the enemy will be hit by a much larger
Where they can move diseases severe and life-threatening to them than cats
And also newborns first months of age
They have weak immune systems are a little bit

As well as the elderly who are over seventy or eighty years old

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Disease and treatment of cats eyes

Of the most prevalent morbidity of a disease that infected cats eyes
First must know that this is a disease
Is the most common disease among cats due to a virus called feelin Herbs
For this disease are several ways to know which symptoms of infection
Redness in the eye secretions plus )

And must be treated with an antibiotic or drop described by the veterinarian.

There are reasons for this disease of the most important causes
Is infecting cats
Ulceration and inflammation of the cornea and this inflammation leads to inflammation of the white around the eye

The death of the tissues around the eye or Alkhlaah injured as a result of what

- Adhesion Paljven eye .

Dry Eye
For this disease there are several symptoms associated with him

And symptoms of :

1 - Frequent vomiting

2 - high temperature

3 - The presence of certain bacteria on the whites of the eyes

4 - do not become indifferent to the actions of a cat and become lazy
5 - dehydration and diarrhea .
Treatment ::
Shi first preferred scanning the eye with cotton and warm water only without anything else after wiping the eye

Of course then claimed the notes opens the eye after what opens Put Minim 

described by veterinarian
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Know what is a bird parrot food

We all love bird parrot

We want to keep them when we do not know why, 

Why or likes or prefers

your food be adjusted

The food is preferred
Sunflower seeds and peanuts private but should not be sufficient at this point
There are many problem grain sold in the markets, you have to give the bird

Them in the beginning and also do not forget the role of fruit, one of the most important elements that

Supplies of bird vitamins and vegetables

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