Dog food appropriate for all stages of life

Today our topic for feeding dogs with all stages and ages

Provide one meal every day

, And varies depending on the amount of the meal Alawzanwalahjam ,

Each dog has a certain weight the right amount of food so as not to hurt

That any dog that weighs 30 kg and above daily take about 1,600 to 1900 grams ,

One-third of the roughly chopped meat .

Here is the proper diet for dogs by growth stages

It is a month until the age of two months, cut the dog

Alngveahibahalib stage to the stage of natural food

Because the needs of his body became not commensurate with the milk , but the food

, And from two to four months

Give him 4 meals a day . Two meals of milk with egg yolk .

And Ogbtan Alkhaddarwalham of rice and chopped ( amount 400-500 grams) .

It is the fourth month to the sixth month offers him a meal in the morning and again in the evening (quantity 900 grams) .

It is the sixth month the year to give him two meals and one in the morning and again in the evening

Quantity ( 1400 grams) , taking into account that the morning meal of fresh milk and egg yolks .

Of the year and above offers him one meal (quantity from 1400 to almost 2000 grams ) .
This diet can be changed according to individual needs and activity level

The strain and the business climate and assigned to the dog , and must take into account the provision of Almealnziv ,
It should consult your veterinarian in case of any disturbances Mauaho changes in the dog

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