List of names Some pet birds wonderful

Each bird lovers this list of names 

Some pet birds wonderful 










Sun Kenyor 







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(Avoid zinc poisoning of birds using stainless steel wire connection)

Heavy metal poisoning can lead to serious health issues, and even death, so a responsible bird owner should be sure to eliminate sources of potential toxicity, including toys, feeding bowls, and aviaries, coops, or cages.

Most importantly, make sure not to use a galvanized wire product for your birds' cages or enclosures; instead, buy stainless steel wire mesh for the construction of your aviary, or purchase cages or enclosures made from stainless steel.

There are a number of common household items which can present toxicity hazards, such as coins and containers, staples, galvanized nails and other hardware, certain paints and fertilizers, and galvanized wire mesh used for aviaries and cages.

The best way to ensure that your cage or enclosure does not present a toxicity risk is to buy stainless steel wire mesh, instead of a galvanized product.

If you are concerned that your bird, or birds, has been exposed to zinc, or another heavy metal, like lead or copper, check for symptoms.

Heavy metal poisoning is one of the leading causes of toxicity in birds, and can cause 

;serious health issues.nbsp


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About fish

We'll talk in general about the fish

These emergency orders establish parallel fishing seasons (termed “parallel fisheries”) allowing vessels to fish for groundfish (primarily Pacific cod, walleye pollock, and Atka mackerel) in state waters with the same seasons as the federal fisheries.

of Alaska and Bering Sea Marine Fisheries Service , whereas the State of Alaska manages groundfish fishery resources within state territorial waters.

State-managed fisheries for sablefish and Pacific cod occur within 3 nm of shore, and the state has full management authority extending throughout the EEZ for species (e.g., lingcod and black and blue rockfish) not covered by a federal FMP.

Most groundfish fisheries off the Alaskan coast are managed by the National Marine Fisheries Service under federal Fishery Management Plans adopted by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council 

Among Alaska’s marine fisheries the groundfish fisheries target the greatest diversity of species, including pollock, Pacific cod, sablefish, Atka mackerel, lingcod and numerous rockfish and flatfish species.

In the central GOA, state-managed fisheries in state waters consist of pollock in Prince William Sound and Pacific cod, sablefish, and all rockfish species in state waters of Prince William Sound and Cook Inlet.

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Cats corrosive meat

Although cats are able to digest some plant products, their physiology is best supported by the nutrients found in animal tissue.

Cats are unable to make several of these fatty acids (e.g., arachidonic acid, linoleic acid) but they are found in high concentrations in meat, fish, and certain plants.

Cats also require higher levels of the several vitamins (e.g., vitamin A, D, E, and B), some of which are only found in animal tissue.

Cats are unable to make sufficient quantities of several amino acids (called “essential” amino acids), so they must be consumed on a regular basis.

Cats utilize protein for energy, and therefore require relatively large amounts in their diet.

Cats also lack a functional cecum, the site where intestinal bacteria digest plant fiber.

Cats don’t have several of the digestive enzymes necessary for breaking down carbohydrates, so they are unable to utilize simple sugars.

Jennifer also writes short stories that focus on the strength and importance of the human-animal bond and freelance articles relating to a variety of animal care and veterinary topics.

Consuming inadequate amounts of one amino acid, called arginine, can lead to the build-up of toxic levels of ammonia, causing vomiting, muscle spasms, seizures, coma, and death.


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Feeding dogs sound

I will give you some information and important tips for dogs Ngdah

. Feeding a high quality diet is one of the most important things you, as a dog owner, can do to keep your dog healthy and active.

What constitutes a high quality dog ​​food and how can you tell if your dog is receiving the nutrition he needs to thrive?

A high quality diet is one that is complete and balanced, containing all of the nutrients necessary to support your dog's body functions.

Fatty acids, a specific type of fat, play an important role in regulating the body's inflammatory response and are particularly important for your dog's health - particularly for the skin and a coat.

Though there is not a minimum required carbohydrate requirement for dogs, carbohydrates present in food can provide a valuable source of fiber and energy, sparing the protein in the diet for more important body functions.

Many diets provide some water content for your dog, but access to a clean, fresh water supply is important.

Each ingredient in your dog's diet brings a unique set of nutrients to the diet and,

added together, all of the ingredients provide a 

complete and balanced nutrient profile.


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Chartreux cats

Besides devoting their time to prayers, these fascinating monks made inroads into other not-so-holy

 activities like liqueur-making, weapon-forging, and breeding cats.

Though the monastery was founded in 1084 by Saint Bruno, the cats

 staged their appearance only in the 13th century.

Among the wealth they brought home were blue cats that they had found on the coast of Africa.

These cats were trained to have quiet voices so as not to rudely interrupt meditation.

The Histoire Naturelle, written in the 1700s by biologist Comte de Buffon, talks about four cat breeds that were common to Europe at that time: domestic, Angora, Spanish, and Chartreux.

In the 1920s, a colony of cats was discovered by two sisters by the name of Leger on the tiny Brittany Island Belle-Ile, off the coast of France.

The Leger sisters, who were also cat lovers, worked on this breed and in 1931 exhibited the first Chartreux in France.

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Photos Siamese cats

I will give you a distinct group for lovers of 

Siamese cats 

A selection of images

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