The best types of ornamental fish and information about the

Lovers of breeding ornamental fish I'm going to put the best types of ornamental fish

With a summary of the type and method of dealing with it

Sabde first kind of ornamental fish a ( gold fish )


They are of the most

 beautiful types of fish that live with fresh water

They eat everything and very peaceful with all kinds of farmed fish

The second type of fish , a fish ( Vantil )


Is ranked third in terms of the ability afford in the midst of marital fish tails

Can not live in the basins the size of ten liters to be the best , but in the case of a water basin Forty liters or Aktar

Third kind with us today , a feature 

( Rancho )

This type coexist peacefully with other types of gold fish

El Rancho has been breeding in Japan

Fourth type of fish with us a fish

 ( Albombon )

Of rare species , very much in terms of type and format of this beefy that name

This type of fish is sensitive , so it is not recommended for beginners .

Lovers greetings with each fish farming
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Goldfinch and the most important information about

Goldfinch is one of the finest birds in terms of look and sound wonderful fresh
And is one of the most beautiful birds in the Maghreb and
Palestine and has become one of the most beautiful birds in the newly Egypt
There has several names
English Name : - European Goldfinch or Goldfinch

Latin name : - Carduelis Cardls

And the way live with

Live in groups or flocks of up to 40 individual and sometimes more in the winter grazing in the forest and
Grazing areas and gardens and parks

Can be cultured in cages as spouses or group in Slakh and in both cases the successful upbringing . But we must
Be relatively large cages to live where any pair Goldfinch freely as he prefers to emulate nature
Either in cages or Alslakat like putting twigs trees or small shrubs .

And the types of food that can be addressed by goldfinch

Feeds on seeds , especially thistle and hemp seeds and insects sometimes , especially in the mating season in the wild

And families

1 - thistle seeds

2 - Niger seeds

3 - Flaxseed

4 - radish seeds

5 - Hemp seeds

6 - rapeseed

7 - Oatmeal

8 - Filars

9 - the core of sunflower

10 - groats peanuts

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Care and sleep small dog

We'll talk about how the presence of a suitable place to be adequate sleep small dog
The most important of these conditions should do it for the convenience of a small dog

All dogs need to place a special warm and comfortable to sleep in it.
The Strong carton box is sufficient for the puppy small and placed at the bottom of some newspapers to isolate it can also put a small piece of tarpaulin and must change the bedding regularly to prevent the proliferation of the parasites where and put the box away " from the air currents must also choose a fixed place for the stability of dogs older " so be great " is large enough for the dog to move and spin it easily and if a dog to stay abroad must be given beta " abroad , well-ventilated and in the shade in summer , and in both cases should be the place isolated " well and protected " from changing weather conditions in the winter .

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Important instructions for how to feed small dogs

I will explain to you
All important points in feeding newborn puppies
Among the most important of these points follow the following

Important points:

1 - You must have a dog bowl of its own to eat.
2 - must have clean water, fresh constantly.
3 - Avoid giving him little things to eat between meals.
4 - unlike "As is customary, the feed dogs raw bones does not help these dogs can be detrimental to their health.


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 How to take care of the dog ear

Today we'll talk about how to take care of the dog ears :

Different forms depending on the ears of dogs factions it facing upright ears and other dangling and other long- term or long hair Aogosair

And whenever they are long and pendulous to us whenever needed more attention , because it covers the ear opening
It does not allow ventilation and oxygen .. while entering the ear upright like ears

German shepherd

Be less likelihood of injury, inflammation , and it's open to allow air to enter the length of time

We must see how our ears dog each period and ensure cleanliness .. and the lack of a foul odor in them .. P ( ( ( the presence of dirt and the emergence of wax in the ear and out the stench of them ))) indicates the presence of inflammation or small insects to Atra naked eye

They spawn and reproduce quickly and spread from animal to another and can be seen by a microscope , Dr.

This form of promises of cotton after cleaning the ear dog and it dirt and insects

If found in the ear dog Shi looks like coffee powder in color, shape, and has a strong smell .. you can put it on paper and shed by the strong light liters movement or just for him or pulse .. you must get rid of this cotton ball and paper , because these insects continue to live for two months until if it were not an animal ! In this case you should take the dog to the vet immediately to the doctor prescribe the appropriate treatment .. and describes the way you use it .. and .. the duration of treatment may interfere with surgery in some cases if it was pretty bad !

Ear is responsible for the sense of hearing and Altoaaaazn do not run the risk of your dog's ears even if you think you can be addressed should consult your 


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When bathing your dog can

When bathing your dog can
The dog does not need to shower unless necessary
In the event that the dog get dirty or smelly out of it

It must be for Aaathmm more than once a month
Some dogs Tthmm possible every three months depending on the type and platoon dog

Because frequent bathing the dog's lead to dehydration because of his skin to get rid of oils
In the skin or scalp dog
And these oils protect the scalp from the heat of the dog .. or cooler air

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