It is the gecko

I will explain to you some sort of creeping animals may not have a great eye 

Sufficient information about this reptile to the piece I will explain to you who is 


Gecko gecko 

Animal creepy inoffensive family Gekkonidae 

Which includes more than 750 species of lizards are found in every part of the world. It is a short body and a large head and legs with a weak finger flat and this gecko adapted to live in different environments from desert to forest and some species are familiar with the environment inhabited human beings. And feed mainly on insects and is fitted with a finger to enable them to climb vertical surfaces are smooth and walk upside down on ceilings and some claws are an extension and a hood over her eyes and Albabo vertical seems Calfs especially when the eyes are closed while its tail 

Long and decorated with inscriptions sometimes is used as a store of food reserves used in inappropriate circumstances. 

In the breeding season the female lays eggs and 

is known as the Gecko.

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