Freshwater fish Fish Alolod

Summary important to you and to fish Alolod
Some of the fish and fertile fish breeding is most prevalent among amateurs,
And all those fish bold and very attractive colors and thickness is
Good for beginners, it's also the fish of choice for the amateur.
A lot of domesticated species are readily available, and the wild species They are somewhat rare, and are available only through the amateur associations fish being sensitive and rare.
For this feature fish disperse about the thickness of the egg where the smolt j
Enabled to hide and run away immediately away from predatory fish Since the first moment of birth, as these young people consider the entire thickness of evolution immediately after birth.
Fish and fertile generally not aggressive, a thickness of Social Well with fish similar to him in size, but there are It is an exception thickness Halfbeak Halfbeak a predator species.
More types prefer to be in groups of 5 or more
, The male domination of the group and always be with colors Unlike female. At the docks, if the breeder wants
In more than one male and one female, you must add several additional per Avoid mention of male aggression on each other.

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