Important guidance for ornamental fish breeding

I will ask and Avi and important guidance for 

those who want fish farming in the house and 

called the Ornamental Fish


1 - Start with a small number of fish in the aquarium and some types cheap even in the basin consists of beneficial bacteria that get rid of the fish waste and turn it into a non-toxic materials and is usually made ​​up of these bacteria after almost a month
2 - When you buy a fish to be active and buy fish that are all full fins and bright Alunha These signs of health
3 - fish placed the bag that comes in the tub for 15 minutes so take the temperature of the tub and then gradually Download Now in the tub , preferably without the water that was in it
4 - feed the fish once or twice a day, the amount of fish terminates after only 5 minutes and not more than this amount even for food in the water Aatafn
5 - are changing the aquarium water completely every 6 months with the change of one-third of the basin water a month
6 - If you're traveling for a period of not more than a week of fish can be left without food, without any damage , and if the increase is put a certain type of food is called food travel exists fish shops

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