Way of calling your cat

Who has a cat that wants to know the

 way to its appeals 

Even listen to you and come here

 and I will explain several ways 

How to Mnadat cat 

Its appeals usual manner (Albesbsh) and when 

you come Mention her name and give her some 

compassion and FMA also explained in the 

previous point. 

2. its appeals for time off their food (Albesbsh) 

with mention her name, too. 

3 repeat her name at the time granted by the 

and tenderness and will adapt to it with time. 

4 at bedtime Ajelbha into bed with you and 

make them stretch with you, and give and 

tenderness with your hands warm and repeat 

her name and then audiences. 

Example: Here Simo Simo Aichpk today 

Hanan Samson and Aspti Lamy huh ..? 

Knowing I 

I love you ... I love you passed Jienh? Good 

night Come with me ... and then, and a 

The most crucial but little and

repeat her name. 

! May be a funny way but very useful too! 

5. say it (Come) with its name and its appeals 

for previous methods and will adapt to

The word (Come) and come to you when you 

hear it speeding the word cats adapt to

Things with repetition but do not understand 

the meaning of words (fitter than me have 

adapted it 

My cats).

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