The best types of ornamental fish and information about the

Lovers of breeding ornamental fish I'm going to put the best types of ornamental fish

With a summary of the type and method of dealing with it

Sabde first kind of ornamental fish a ( gold fish )


They are of the most

 beautiful types of fish that live with fresh water

They eat everything and very peaceful with all kinds of farmed fish

The second type of fish , a fish ( Vantil )


Is ranked third in terms of the ability afford in the midst of marital fish tails

Can not live in the basins the size of ten liters to be the best , but in the case of a water basin Forty liters or Aktar

Third kind with us today , a feature 

( Rancho )

This type coexist peacefully with other types of gold fish

El Rancho has been breeding in Japan

Fourth type of fish with us a fish

 ( Albombon )

Of rare species , very much in terms of type and format of this beefy that name

This type of fish is sensitive , so it is not recommended for beginners .

Lovers greetings with each fish farming

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