Heron gray heron

Heron gray heron

There is a bird known when waterways and fast-flowing rivers and canals.

Purple heron weaves its nest on the trees and called on the nest in the shelter heron colonies.
Heron is one of 60 species of wading birds such as, egret and bittern. The heron bird and a nice, long-beaked tapered seems like a completely extends to the inside of his eyes. It has a small head, neck and legs skinny stick-like legs, such as cranes and storks. There is a kind of heron, has long known, and the feathers on his neck, and body. And egrets live on all continents except Antarctica.

Habits. When the heron fly, makes long legs straight behind him, and bowed his head between his wings. The cranes, and storks, and ibis, they fly and their necks extended. Adopt birds heron nests harboring them but hunt their food separately. The places are called shelter heron nests. The nest consists of sticks bulk and bundles of sticks, and built in the tops of trees or shrubs. The female lays between three and six eggs. Nor is estimated heron chick on the motion for several weeks after hatching, but it conveys the food to the parents of these chicks can fly even small.

Fighting a heron in the water searching for food along the shores of streams, strides, in silence and in private. The jumper stands sometimes for a long time with his head between his shoulders. It seems like a fast asleep, but in fact eagerly awaits its prey of fish, frogs, crayfish, and other small animals that Ilthmha. If it saw its prey caught beak that looks like a spear. Include the known species of these birds: heron gray heron in the ancient world, and the blue heron in the New World. The purple heron species characteristic of southern Europe and Asia. The white-faced heron, is the most common species of Australian.

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