(Avoid zinc poisoning of birds using stainless steel wire connection)

Heavy metal poisoning can lead to serious health issues, and even death, so a responsible bird owner should be sure to eliminate sources of potential toxicity, including toys, feeding bowls, and aviaries, coops, or cages.

Most importantly, make sure not to use a galvanized wire product for your birds' cages or enclosures; instead, buy stainless steel wire mesh for the construction of your aviary, or purchase cages or enclosures made from stainless steel.

There are a number of common household items which can present toxicity hazards, such as coins and containers, staples, galvanized nails and other hardware, certain paints and fertilizers, and galvanized wire mesh used for aviaries and cages.

The best way to ensure that your cage or enclosure does not present a toxicity risk is to buy stainless steel wire mesh, instead of a galvanized product.

If you are concerned that your bird, or birds, has been exposed to zinc, or another heavy metal, like lead or copper, check for symptoms.

Heavy metal poisoning is one of the leading causes of toxicity in birds, and can cause 

;serious health issues.nbsp


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