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These emergency orders establish parallel fishing seasons (termed “parallel fisheries”) allowing vessels to fish for groundfish (primarily Pacific cod, walleye pollock, and Atka mackerel) in state waters with the same seasons as the federal fisheries.

of Alaska and Bering Sea Marine Fisheries Service , whereas the State of Alaska manages groundfish fishery resources within state territorial waters.

State-managed fisheries for sablefish and Pacific cod occur within 3 nm of shore, and the state has full management authority extending throughout the EEZ for species (e.g., lingcod and black and blue rockfish) not covered by a federal FMP.

Most groundfish fisheries off the Alaskan coast are managed by the National Marine Fisheries Service under federal Fishery Management Plans adopted by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council 

Among Alaska’s marine fisheries the groundfish fisheries target the greatest diversity of species, including pollock, Pacific cod, sablefish, Atka mackerel, lingcod and numerous rockfish and flatfish species.

In the central GOA, state-managed fisheries in state waters consist of pollock in Prince William Sound and Pacific cod, sablefish, and all rockfish species in state waters of Prince William Sound and Cook Inlet.

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