Dogs flu knowledge and methods of prevention and treatment

Today we talk about flu Nan dogs dogs also infected with the virus

And I will talk about its meaning and its symptoms and methods of prevention and treatment also

The first will let you know with this disease

Flu dogs ?

A respiratory disease of dogs , and attacks the virus causing the dogs only and does not infect humans .


Now, we talk about the symptoms of the disease and how to know Ncetkaa

What are the symptoms of the disease?

Symptoms begin coughs , runny nose , high temperature ,

And a small percentage of dogs can worsen their situation about it.

You can do screening for dogs

Examination available at veterinary diagnostic centers , and is done by taking a sample

From respiratory secretions , or by taking samples of blood ,

The first suspicion of injury when taken sick dog , and the second after two or three weeks

- How to deal with influenza dogs ?

Is described in a number of drugs , including antibiotics and a wide range

Prescribed by the veterinarian , especially if there is suspicion of a secondary bacterial 

infection ,

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