Ornamental Fish diseases and methods of treatment

We'll talk about diseases that can infect Ornamental Fish

First you must know what this disease is called

Is a change in Alslo natural organism ( Blowfish ) or a change in the external form or in the internal organs or gills result of various external vulnerability psychotropic and biological reactions in the organism .

Secondly and more importantly, the reasons for the occurrence of these diseases for fish

Contamination with pesticides or heavy metals or detergents .

And the presence of nitrogenous waste products resulting from the output of the fish .

. Increase or decrease the heat for the required rate .

2 . Increase or lack of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

3 . Increase or decrease the intensity of illumination .

All of these factors could lead to injury fish Baalomrad

But how do we know the patient entered the fish ponds

There are many factors appear to have learned the fish disease

For signs of the phenomenon and the most important :

1 . The presence of a change in the color of the water or the emission of an unusual odor .

2 . Occurrence of fast motion and neurological Fish inside the aquarium .

3 . Fish float to the surface trying inhalation of atmospheric air .

4 . The fish rub her body with plants or rocks in the pond .

5 . Fish is trying to jump out of the water out of the tub .

6 . Fish loss of appetite and lack of food approached .

7 . The fish do not try to escape if attacked by other fish


All of these factors confirm you fish pelvic disease and you should pay attention to such phenomena

Methods of treatment of diseases, and are:

1 . Formalin bath is used with fish infected with worms and parasitic diseases , which parasitize the skin and gills and uses formalin concentration of 37% at a rate of 0.4 ml / liter for one hour and repeat the bathroom once every 3 days for a week or 10 days .

2 . Bath salt is used in case of injury or parasitic fungi concentration of 1.3 g / L and the treatment can be repeated twice after 48-72 hours.

3 . Malachite green is used in case of injury or illness blobs of white fungi concentrations following :

1.5 g / L for 10 seconds , or 0.2 g / L for an hour 

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