Alerts are important for breeding ornamental fish

I will put you in this important topic Tbhet 

For ornamental fish breeding and bred who adores 


- That you're a newbie and you want to fish farming is preferable to start with fish Alolad it easy for breeding and hatching. 


Transfer the fish: When cleaning the tub does not transfer the fish in a small bowl size, this happens strong currents and stir the fish cause mild dizziness and then his death, but we must move in a large bowl until you finish cleaning the tub. 


The size of the fish and harmony items with each other and with other types of fish, and the requirements of the kind for the size of the aquarium temperature of food and there is a kind of wild and kind of like the isolation and the types of love Allenbatah and types like cavities stones, so the choice should be so thoughtful to Atfhl in fish farming 


- Indirect sunlight is very important for the aquarium 


- When choosing a fish must choose the fish active and rapid and large brightly colored cry from the Fish inert and lazy and should not buy fish from the ponds water color by the non-Net (not pure) or water color (with medication) 
which shows that the fish sick.

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