How to take care of the dog ear

Today we'll talk about how to take care of the dog ears :

Different forms depending on the ears of dogs factions it facing upright ears and other dangling and other long- term or long hair Aogosair

And whenever they are long and pendulous to us whenever needed more attention , because it covers the ear opening
It does not allow ventilation and oxygen .. while entering the ear upright like ears

German shepherd

Be less likelihood of injury, inflammation , and it's open to allow air to enter the length of time

We must see how our ears dog each period and ensure cleanliness .. and the lack of a foul odor in them .. P ( ( ( the presence of dirt and the emergence of wax in the ear and out the stench of them ))) indicates the presence of inflammation or small insects to Atra naked eye

They spawn and reproduce quickly and spread from animal to another and can be seen by a microscope , Dr.

This form of promises of cotton after cleaning the ear dog and it dirt and insects

If found in the ear dog Shi looks like coffee powder in color, shape, and has a strong smell .. you can put it on paper and shed by the strong light liters movement or just for him or pulse .. you must get rid of this cotton ball and paper , because these insects continue to live for two months until if it were not an animal ! In this case you should take the dog to the vet immediately to the doctor prescribe the appropriate treatment .. and describes the way you use it .. and .. the duration of treatment may interfere with surgery in some cases if it was pretty bad !

Ear is responsible for the sense of hearing and Altoaaaazn do not run the risk of your dog's ears even if you think you can be addressed should consult your 



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