Goldfinch and the most important information about

Goldfinch is one of the finest birds in terms of look and sound wonderful fresh
And is one of the most beautiful birds in the Maghreb and
Palestine and has become one of the most beautiful birds in the newly Egypt
There has several names
English Name : - European Goldfinch or Goldfinch

Latin name : - Carduelis Cardls

And the way live with

Live in groups or flocks of up to 40 individual and sometimes more in the winter grazing in the forest and
Grazing areas and gardens and parks

Can be cultured in cages as spouses or group in Slakh and in both cases the successful upbringing . But we must
Be relatively large cages to live where any pair Goldfinch freely as he prefers to emulate nature
Either in cages or Alslakat like putting twigs trees or small shrubs .

And the types of food that can be addressed by goldfinch

Feeds on seeds , especially thistle and hemp seeds and insects sometimes , especially in the mating season in the wild

And families

1 - thistle seeds

2 - Niger seeds

3 - Flaxseed

4 - radish seeds

5 - Hemp seeds

6 - rapeseed

7 - Oatmeal

8 - Filars

9 - the core of sunflower

10 - groats peanuts

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